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The best Bike Mechanics in Breckenridge.  Rest-easy knowing that Breckenridge have some of the most competent Bike Repair Professionals in the country. Whether you need to purchase some DIY repair gear for the trail or you take a major digger on your ride that resulted in some damage … we got you covered.  Trustworthy, Reliable and Solid.

Avalanche Sports

Avalanche Sports, located in Historic Breckenridge, CO.  Simply put, they have the best Breckenridge Bike Rentals available. Their rental fleet is updated each and every year with top of the line bikes From Santa Cruz, Yeti and Rocky Mountain as well as bicycles for every age and ability level.

Alpine Sports Rental

We are proud to take care of all your rental bike needs.We have a huge selection of NEW rental bikes from Specialized for the whole family. Whether you are looking for a cruisy bike ride down Vail pass with the family or an Extreme mountain bike experience, we have a ride for everyone.


All of The Different Types of Bikes

The decision to buy a new bike is easy. It’s figuring out exactly what type of bike that proves to be a little more challenging. Once you begin your search, you realize there are numerous types and dozens of styles. While that variety means there’s certainly a great match for whatever kind of riding you do (or want to do), it can also make it hard to know which one is the perfect fit. Use this guide to figure out the right choice for you…..Read More