Ullr Bike 2017

Ullr Bike 2017!  Six feet of snow has fallen in Breckenridge, CO since the beginning of December.  It’s a glorious thing for our little ski town and ideal for all of the winter sports, well, except for maybe Fat Biking.  Fat Bikers like the snow solid and packed.  If Mother Nature decided to sprinkle a little bit of fresh powder on the packed snow then, presto, you have ideal conditions for Fat Biking.   The Gold Run Nordic Center is a fantastic venue for Fat Biking as it regularly grooms nordic trails for Nordic and Skate skiing as well as single-track for Fat Biking and Snowshoeing.   A Fat Bike race course generally runs along the nordic trails, but racers like to mix it up with some single track.  The Ullr Bike course was a mix of nordic and single track.

Even when conditions are ideal, Fat Biking is challenging. Technique and equipment are everything.  Smooth, circular and consistent pedaling are key to an efficient ride.  Tire pressure and body weight also play into efficiency and whether or not a rider will sink on the trail.

Ullr Bike 2017 had mostly ideal conditions for the race including mild temperatures, little wind and slightly overcast, but the amount of recent snow was a challenge for Maverick Sports Promotion and its crew.   In addition to the normal grooming, the crew was out the day before and the day of the race packing out the trails for racers.

There was one north facing single track section of the race that most of the racers found a little sinkage action which was super challenging and some had to walk because it was so soft.  That section was removed from the race in the third lap. (racers celebrated) Otherwise, conditions were good and racers prevailed.  It was a super fun race to watch and kudos to the racers and all their hard work.

Fat Biking continues to grow and riders are psyched to have opportunities to race and ride.  If you are one of those riders, be sure to check out the Summit Mt. Challenges Fat Bike Series! 

Congratulations to:
Pro Open Male Winner – Taylor Sheldon
Pro Open Female Winner – Karen Jarchow

A BIG THANKS to Borealis Fat Bikes, Breck Bike Guides, Gold Run Nordic Center and Maverick Sports Promotions.
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Enjoy the Climb.

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