The Trail Perspective

The first time I saw Tony was on the Barney Flow trail.  He was flying through the air on his bike. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was actually ‘checking his work’ with a couple of friends.

Tony riding Barney Flow

Tony Overlock, Lead Trails Technician for the Breckenridge Open Space and Trails Division, “June is a very busy month for the crew. We do a little bit of everything from routine maintenance to the construction of new trails.”  Tony and his crew clear out the hazardous trees, install informational signs, repairing damaged sections of trail from spring runoff and help educate the public on trail conditions and when trails are ready to ride.

I asked Tony to tell me one thing that makes him crazy about his job.  He shook his head slightly and said, ”when people ride on trails that are wet or roped off for maintenance.”  Surprisingly, he adds with a grin, “I have seen 70 year old women ducking lines or climbing over buck-and-rail fences to get to a trail we have roped off for maintenance …”

And the favorite part of his job… “The Trail Crew. They’re awesome! They’re a great bunch of guys that work hard and have fun together.”   With the help of Troy Helfin from Higher Ground Earthworks who helps out with trail design and construction, the Open Space & Trails Division created the Barney Flow trail and getting started their newest project, The ZL Trail which will connect Town to the Swan River Valley.

Barney Flow feature

The Barney Flow Trail is a new style of trail that has features and concepts that are a little more progressive than traditional single track.  Where riders can find a rhythm or flow carving up or down, back and forth.   Absent are unforeseen obstacles or abrupt corners.  This trail is what you want to make of it.  Fun cruiser ride with your kids rolling over or around the features or more experience riders can test their skills and air it out.”

There are three more opportunities to help out the Friends of the Breckenridge Trails with the construction of the ZL Trail.  Volunteers can help Tony and his crew create this portion of trail that will connect the Galena Ditch trail off of Summit Gulch Rd to Galena Gulch Rd.  It’s a very important section of trail which will connect Town to the Swan River Valley.

B-line feature

It’s going to be a busy summer for Tony and his crew. They hope to also finish construction of the B-Line Trail to the top of Carter Park.  It takes brain power and creativity to create trails. It’s a challenge, “constructing a new trial in which riders of different abilities users can enjoy.”

How does Tony prep himself for challenges of the upcoming summer season?  “Make sure my refrigerator is well stock with tasty beers.”


For more information on how you can volunteer to help Tony & his crew visit Friends of Breckenridge Trails.