It’s September! Bikenridge Useletter

How did that happen? Ahh, but I love September in Breckenridge.  Mostly, September rocks the sunny days, smaller crowds, gear sales, beautiful fall rides in canopies of yellow, orange and red and of course, Oktoberfest.  And yet, there are days when I just can’t let it go and I will seek out a few final days of summer with a short road trip to the banana-belt of Colorado.  Salida, Colorado.  

Escape Breck: Monarch Crest Trail  If you aren’t quite ready for the September chill … it’s a little lower, a little warmer and you can make it happen like this ….“How about we ride the Monarch Crest Trail this weekend?” I had suggested on Thursday morning.  I should have been suspicious when, without hesitation and within minutes, my boyfriend had a shuttle booked and a YetiBeti SB5c rented for me. Whoaa!”  READ MORE

Sept. 4thThe Fall Classic – The SMC’s best kept secret! One of the best courses of the year with beer, prizes, and cool local vibe.
Sept. 9, 10, 11th – Breckenridge Oktober Fest – Three days of ridiculous fun and LOTS of beer.
Sept.15 – 18th  – Breckenridge Film Festival – You will find The Premier of Ron Howard’s “The Beatles – 8 Days a week.”  Adventure films – “Power of the River” and many other Indie films, documentary, dramas and animated shorts. See the Full Schedule.  Don’t miss it!
SeptemberBreck Bike GuidesBike Sale: All of our demo bikes are on sale! We have Rocky Mountain Thunderbolts and Instincts, Scott Geniuses, and BMC Speedfoxes. All are XT level builds with a carbon front triangle- some with carbon rear triangles, some with aluminum. All have droppers- of course!

Favorite Fall Rides

Always a good call with the family, B&B,Minnie Mine, X10U8 loop. Stellar colors and amazing photo opportunities!
The legendary, flowy and fun all-year-round, but a spectacle of color in the Fall. Bakers Tank Trail, Boreas Pass Road, and Aspen Alley.
You can’t really go wrong in September.  Check out the Bikenridge Spotlight Rides.

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