Rules of the Trail

BackCountry Trail Etiquette

Expect varied Trail Conditions and pay attention to the signs …

Rocky, rugged, steep is common in the high country.  Most local backcountry trails Do Not receive routine maintenance. So be aware. Be on the lookout for fallen trees, trail wash-outs and obstructions. Conditions are constantly changing and may be different from those described on this website as presented by the Summit Daily, Bike Guide.

Many hours of Volunteer Labor & Love have gone into the construction and maintenance of some local trails. Please help these efforts by riding in a manner that does not damage the trails. Be aware of the conditions and trail recommendations.  If water is running directly down the path, use local resources to help divert the water off the trail and remove obstacles from the trail.

Be a responsible rider.  Please pack out all of your trash and respect nature. If a trail is damaged by irresponsible mountain bikes, it quickly looses its charm as a pristine single track. Don’t be “that guy.”  Please keep trails in good shape. Avoid braking and skidding, which creates obnoxious bumps in the trail and erosion. Never create new  trails or widen existing ones in an attempt to avoid wet conditions or obstacles. Ride through small puddles or carry your bike in muddy areas.  Ride over, not around.

Volunteer! Spend a few hours out of your summer to give back to the trails you enjoy.

Check the current Trail Conditions.