POW! I Committed!

POW! I committed to race the Beti Bike Bash!

With slightly sweaty palms and a feeling of excitement, I registered as my boyfriend did a little happy dance behind me. You all know that I ride bikes, but for me, committing to a race brings up a whole host of emotions. The swell of anticipation grows the more I think about the race. What do I wear? (such a girl thought), What do I eat? Do I need a new bike? Geez, I DO NOT want to make a fool out of myself.

The Beti Bike Bash, June 14th, is the largest women’s mountain bike event in the country! Many inspiring ladies in my life and a few who are on the Yeti Beti Team, have been telling me for years that this is THE RACE. It’s fun, inspiring and for all levels. It even has a “Never Ever/New Mom” category.  And it gets better, the Summit County chapter of the CYCLE EFFECT is this year’s non-profit partner and the team will be at the event! How cool is that?

Sarah Rawley, local racer, cool chick and one of the powerhouses behind the VIDA MTB SERIES, calmed my nerves a bit when she invited me to the Beti Bike Bash VIDA Core 1-day Clinic the day before the race. (June 13th!) . The VIDA coaches cover all the basics and give participants the inside scoop on race-specific tips. Perfect! The VIDA MTB SERIES Core Clinic is just one of many opportunities for women to get inspired to mountain bike!

Join me! If I can race then you can for sure! Sign up for the VIDA Core 1-day Clinic too … we could all do it together! Hope to hear from you!

Enjoy the Climb!