March 2015 Useletter –


March Morning Breckenridge

It was hard NOT to notice the beautiful blue-bird skies underlined by the snow-covered mountain tops and dark wintergreen treeline as I huffed it up Peak 8 this morning.  I am humbled by the locals and visitors who make skinning uphill part of their morning routine.  I got a bit of a late start this morning and was pleasantly surprised to have the warm sun on my back. Springtime is awesome in the mountains!  March is the teaser month.  It has its sunny warm afternoons, big powder days and then ((POW)), a shockingly cold morning below zero.  Oh, Mother Nature!

“I think it’s time for Old Man Winter to get Mother Nature drunk
and have a little fun making Spring…”

With that thought, let’s jump right into what is happening in Breckenridge in March! Of course, all of the super fun everyday stuff such as fat biking, amazing skiing and riding, nordic skiing, sledding and the cool BRECK CREATE workshops happen all month long.  Don’t be fooled, it is Spring Break all around the country and Breckenridge is a popular spot of spring breakers!

Spring is fast approaching and I am going to fast forward here for just a second to April!  The first bike event of the season, The Imperial Challenge presented by Mountain Outfitters, happens on April 11th!  This pseudo-triathlon, Bike/or Run, Hike, Ski, is a low-key event with a great after-party that kicks off Springtime in Breckenridge.  Taylor Shelden, are you ready?  For more information, go to Maverick Sports Promotions.

TAKE CONTROL – Two minutes of thrills mixed in with some motivation.
It made me smile.  Motivational video // Rick Koekoek 


I was happy to see that Breckenridge got a little recognition from as The Best Mountain Bike Destination! Yahoo! The article notes some of the best trails in the area and the photos are pretty good too.

Behind The Scenes:
Breckenridge has already started planning for the 2015 Pro Cycling Challenge in August!  No joke, this year is going to be better than ever! Stay Tuned!

Tip of the week:  Become a USA Pro Cycling Challenge Facebook fan and stay on top of the latest news!

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