Live Where You Ride

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Everything Biking in Breckenridge.

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 We love living in Breckenridge!

Do you find yourself visiting Breck once, twice or 6 times a year?  Each time as you  are soaking up the sun and taking in the view after an amazing bike ride, ski, or even a day of shopping; you think to yourself, “self, why don’t we live in Breckenridge?”

You are not alone. Most of the locals living here now, more then likely went through that same thought process. The logical mind-debate begins there and most people who do decide to make the move don’t move to Breck because they want to be a corporate executive, most people who move find the lifestyle and quality of life are the driving factors.  Breckenridge is a real town.  A real community.  It is the most likable mountain town in Colorado.

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We have good people in our community. We love all types 🙂  It can be challenge living in a mountain town, but most people find their way with hard work, creativity, stamina and a desire.

Breckenridge is a small town with a big heart. There are many different housing options available for all different demographics.  Once again, Bikenridge wants to be your everything (cheesy) … In our opinion, these Homes & Neighborhoods have the best trails & bike path access in Breckenridge.

Live Where You Ride! Access to rides right out your back door!

“Take your passion, make it happen, pictures come alive now I’m dancing through my life …” Irene Cara


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