Liam Doran – Many Faces

The man with many faces.  You may know Liam Doran as Elsa & Bergen’s dad or maybe as an ole’ friend and Breck local who rides bikes, skis, hangs out and takes really good photos OR quite possibly, you know Liam is the world famous photographer who took Powder Magazines’ 2013 Photo of the Year. 

Yes, he’s one and the same guy, but Liam is a bit humbled about the “world famous” reference, “Not sure how comfortable I am with that title, sometimes I’m not even famous in my own house,” He says with a grin.

Liam doran headshot
Liam Doran


At home in Breckenridge, Liam is famous for capturing amazing storytelling action shots and landscapes.  His work will be featured at the Liam Doran Gallery Opening on Thursday, September 25th from 6pm to 9pm at Breckenridge Theatre and in conjunction with the Breckenridge Art District Grand Opening  – September 25th to 28th.

The Gallery Opening will have a lot of local representation as many of the shots are of local riders, skiers and landscapes.


” I love being in the middle of all the action. I am really excited to be wrapped up in it … ” Liam Doran

Also on hand during the The Gallery Opening will be Broken Compass Brewery, live music, workshops, exhibits, demonstration and tours.

Want More? On Friday, September 26th at 6pm, show up at the Fuqua Livery Stable building and enjoy Liam’s Outdoor Sports Photography seminar/workshop.

To learn more about Liam Doran, be sure to go to his website Liam Doran Photography, as well as, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.