July 2019 Bikenridge Useletter


IT’S FINALLY HERE! Summer has arrived! The leaves are green, the trails are tacky, and you can hear child-like squeals of delight in the distance and its not always a child!  There is a faux-sense of panic that we must get EVERYTHING-IN while its still Summer.  This morning, my mind was swiftly running through all the options, “I’ll run this morning and tonight, finally, get that ride in with my friend. I have to get on the river this weekend, oh, but wait, its the 4th of July!  What about racing the Firecracker 50? And be sure to plan a BBQ before I leave for vacation to see the family.”   Stop! Take a breath.  There is plenty of time left in Summer to relax and enjoy.  Sure, make a plan, schedule a weekend in Breckenridge, but when you finally get here, just breath it all in and savor the sunshine, warmth, and the vibe!


UPDATE: The Recpath between Frisco and Copper is open!   With all of the media coverage, this is likely old news by now, but The Troll has a new home.   If you want to live like a local, plan to join us for a volunteer session while you are in town!  A couple of great Volunteer opportunities in July:  1) help build the Redpig Trail with Friends of Breckenridge Trails on July 13th or  2) join Breckenridge locals from Breckenridge Grand Vacation (BGV) & The Cycle Effect on July 17th for a fun day working on the Horseshoe Gulch Trail Project than a FREE BBQ and drinks at the Grand Timber Lodge.  The Breckenridge Beer Festival July 13th is always a crowd favorite! 40 Breweries, Live Music, Food, and Retail vendors.  Wrap up July with a unique wine tasting event, The Breckenridge Food and Wine Festival, July 26th to 28th, live music, and exceptional tastings, and pairings.   Don’t miss July in the Mountains!


Don’t miss the 4th of July celebration in Breckenridge and the legendary Firecracker 50! Spots are still available!
July is the month for BIG RACES in Colorado:

July Race Schedule:

I’m all about the Flow Trails right now!
Barney Flow Trail! It’s short and sweet and part of the 12-mile Classic Breckenridge Route.
Tom’s Baby Flow Trail Bypass is a little harsher than the trail and descends through a series of step-ups, table tops, and other features and terminates at the lower end of Tom’s Baby on Gold Run Road

Always check Trail Conditions BEFORE you head out on a ride!

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