July 2018 Bikenridge Useletter


Oh, the sounds of summer, the clicks, swooshes, winding, and crackles of your bike on the trail, your heart pounding as you are just about to reach the summit and the polite “on your right” of the 13-year-old who just passed you going up-hill.  What? haha seriously!  The weather has been simply stellar in Breckenridge. The days are t-shirt warm and the evenings don’t require a puffy (jacket).  From a riding perspective, the conditions are excellent but everything is very dry and the wildfire threat is Very High.  Be smart and be safe. We all enjoy the wilderness around us and the amazing trails and scenery.  So if you plan to visit for the July 4th holiday or anytime this summer please be conscious of Fire Bans.  Breckenridge is currently in a Stage II Fire Ban.  As you may know, Breckenridge has decided to cancel its 4th of July fireworks show, but fear not, we found a little Breckenridge fireworks display for your enjoyment … so you don’t have to go without.  You’re welcome. 🙂


Of course, the 4th of July celebration in Breckenridge is legendary and there is so much to do during the day, that you might be kind of relieved you don’t have to stay up so late to watch the fireworks.  Just for starters, there is the Firecracker 50 mountain bike race that leads the 4th of July Parade down Main St., Breckenridge.  Definitely, a bucket list item! There is still time to register!  The amazing parade, the live music, family activities and the Street Arts: Patriotica are just a few of the events on tap for the Independence Day Celebration.

Who said beer?  July 7, The Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival – The best microbrews, food, and music!

Don’t forget that July is a fantastic time to get out and enjoy the trails.  The weather can change and generally does in July.  Check trail conditions and the weather before heading out. Be safe and enjoy!


July in Colorado could not be ((more)) perfect for BIG rides and races:


You may or may not be familiar with Humbug Hill or Heinous Hill which are a couple of the “named hill climbs” in the area.  Have you ever wondered how a hill gets its name? Who names it and why? Well, of course, there are stories behind the names and one local legend shares his observation on how a few amazing 10-year-old girls, a coach, and donuts lead to a hill name that stuck!  The evolutionary power of 10-year-old girls and donuts by Anne St. Clair and Jeff Westcott

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