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Be part of the bigger picture and ride on Saturday, August 30th in the  MTN Town Magazine’s  Global Solidarity Ride! Mountain bikers, cyclists, commuters, cruiser and strider riders around the world will take to their wheels in support of Afghan women that dare to ride bicycles, and in remembrance of  women that dared to ride before them in the Global Solidarity Ride .  The upcoming event is scheduled to take place on August 30 and will take place all around the world. This ride is to show the women of Afghanistan and many other women fighting for their rights that they are not alone in their revolutionary actions.

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In a country that has never allowed its women to ride bikes, a group of Afghan women have been quietly making history. The women have been steadily improving, and they have an invitation to race at the Asian Games in South Korea this September. This ride will directly support their efforts in its inaugural year to show the world what Afghan women are capable of.


The Global Solidarity Ride is based off of Mountain2Mountain’s original Panjshir Tour which they started in 2010 as a way to engage cycling communities in support of the organizations projects in Afghanistan that benefited women and girls. The founder of  Mountain2Mountain, Shannon Galpin, was the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan, and those first rides took place in the Panjshir Valley. She asked men all over the country in rural and urban areas, “can women ride bikes? Would you allow your wife, daughter, sister to ride a bike”? The answer was always no. Mountain2Mountain created the Panjshir Tour as a way to use the bike as a vehicle to raise awareness and funding for their projects in Afghanistan. Now that we have seen Afghan women riding bikes, making history, and pedaling a revolution, the Solidarity Ride seemed like an incredible way to unite communities around the world on two wheels and show the Afghan women that they are not alone, the world sees what they are doing and supports them.


The Afghan women will be riding too, so that on August 30th no matter where you are the in world, men and women will be spinning their wheels on concrete and in dirt, united in the freedom of a bike! Here is how you can get involved:

Organize a Ride! and we will help you get the word out! Email us at

  • The ride can be anything you want road, dirt, cruiser any time of day
  • Take pictures and post to social media
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  • Hashtag – #solidarityride2014
  • Donate – if you can, a dollar, a quarter, $100 and if you can’t that is ok! Just take a ride and remember how lucky you are to be able to take a spin!
  • Let us know about your ride so we can add it to the list!

Here is the list of towns, cities and countries that are participating. You can check this growing list at:

More Locations to be Announced! Keep checking this growing list at:

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Photo Credits: Mountain2Mountain