Cycle Effect Team Summit is in full EFFECT! We had a great kickoff event at the Maverick Sports Mountain Bike Jr. League signup and group ride at the Frisco Peninsula.  Gabby, Aurora, Beca, Makayla, Daniela, Stephany, and Isidra were looking fresh in their new team kits, and did a great job using clipless pedals for the first time. No bloody knees, can you believe it?  These girls are naturals!

We did a lap around the Frisco Roundup race course, which has some short, grunty climbs, loose rocky descents, and great views of Lake Dillon and Frisco.  The girls did an amazing job at pushing hard up hill, and flying fearlessly downhill – maybe a bit TOO fearlessly, Bekers! We ended up riding for almost two hours, and covered the entire spectrum of emotion in those 120 minutes.

Excitement, trepidation, pride, fear, exultation, frustration, freedom – I saw it all on the faces of this troupe of amazing young women. The team dynamic and camaraderie is heightened by the fresh air and sense of adventure, and it is a pure joy to witness as their coach.  Towards the end of the ride, we employed a mock race start which ended up with one of our fearless athletes off to the side of the trail – no names here, but we had our first “puker!”  She was going for it!

After this strenuous effort, we decided to reward ourselves with a trip down the Green Line at the Frisco Bike Park. We enjoyed swoopy, bermed out turns all the way to the Pavilion, where we enjoyed awesome snacks provided by our Cycle Effect sponsor, Quandary Grille. Thanks, guys! We especially loved the fruit shark and peanut butter banana roll ups – YUM!  It was a great ride, and left us all hungry for more DIRT!

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