Blair Witch

4 mile loop, good climbs, fun curvy trails – great for a group ride.

Good to Know: Local Favorite so expect heavy bike traffic on the weekends. Be Prepared for all weather and great connector trail to Keystone trails.

Parking: From I-70, drive south on Hwy 9 about 5 miles to Tiger Rd. (near Breckenridge Golf Course). Turn Left and proceed about 2.5 miles. Park on the left in a small parking area with a pond that ha remains of a mining dredge.

Description: Access the trail in the north east end of the parking area. It follows a rocky path along the creek, over a wood bridge and then through a gate. Stay on the trail. It turns into a wide single track with a gradual climb. After you cross the creek, there is steep short climb and then it the trail levels out through a meadow. At the end of the meadow, there is another short climb to a mid-intersection. Take a sharp left uphill climb to get to the top. (You can access 3 other tails from this intersection that will take you to the Keystone Trails) At the top, you will begin a series of winding trails, switch backs, short climbs and do-able obstacles. Super Fun! At the T intersection, go left and it will take you back to the beginning of the trail just past the gate. You can find your car in the parking lot.