Bigger Better Bike Park in Breck !

The Breckenridge community takes outdoor activities pretty seriously.  Especially in Summer, kids are encouraged to have outside adventures, ride bikes, make mud pies and climb little mountains. 

Adrenaline junkies of all ages were in attendance for the Wellington Bike Park ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by Scott Reid, Town of Breckenridge Open Space and Trails Division and Mayor John Warner.  Riders were psyched and delighted by the new bike park which includes a Strider track, large pump track, three flow trails and a skills area with jump features.  The park was constructed by Peter Mills of Elevated Trail Designs with help from the TOB Trails Crew.


When outdoors, a child learns on multiple levels with each new adventure. With each adventure, creativity and imagination are engaged.  Outdoor play also involves physical activity, endurance and the appreciation of nature.  Of course, The Wellington Bike Park isn’t your average grandmother’s ride-around-the-park,  there are elements of risk involved and riders need to be sure to always wear protective gear.  Riders will also quickly learn the pros and cons of making good and bad decisions, learn to assess situations and make sound judgment calls regarding their own abilities and a feature.

Good life skills.

Parents understand the risks and benefits of a Bike Park.  When asked how she felt about the new Bike Park, Mother of two, Halle Belby said, “We are excited!”  Local Pro Mountain Biker, Austin Hackett Klaube and Breck Bike Guide and Pro Big Mountain Skier, Danny Arnold were happy to show off some of their moves for all the kids.



The Wellington Bike Park and Pump Track is located at 710 Wellington Road (off Stables Rd. and behind the Breckenridge Equestrian Center). The park is free to the public. Riders should have a clear understanding of their ability level and always wear protective gear, including a helmet.

Enjoy the Climb.