Beti Bike Bash 2015

UPDATE: For 2016 – TWO amazing opportunities.  Beti Bike Bash Arizona on March 26th and Beti Bike Bash Castle Rock, CO on June 18th.  

WOMEN ON BIKES!   Team Yeti Beti and supporting sponsors encouraged women of all abilities and ages to come out and enjoy a day of racing at the Beti Bike Bash. This year the event was held on Sunday, June 14th, at the Philip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock.

The atmosphere was a mix of friendly competition and downright playfulness.  Tutus, wings, ribbon and colorful kits were common accessories for racers.  Races included the Little Bella’s Mountain Bike Camp race, ages 8 to 14, up to the Female Pro Racers who were competing for a $4,000 purse.   The men were not left out!  The inaugural Men’s Beti DRAG Race required guys to race in skirts, halter tops and heels.   Fun!

The majority of lady racers were in the Never Evers, Beginners and Sport categories. All were psyched to be there with friends, family and teammates.  My friend, Tracie H., and I were happy to be in the Beginner category.  We are both picking up mountain biking again after children and felt like it was a great excuse for a girls’ weekend away from home.

We watched the Never Ever category start and were impressed by the spunk and enthusiasm of those racers.  Some of those racers had pro-looking kits and others were in street clothes, but all had nervous smiles and seemed race ready.  The crowd loves this category and goes out of its way to cheer on these competitors.

Then it was our turn.  I think  the Beginner wave was the largest of the day.   The Summit County Cycle Effect ladies started ahead of us.  The Cycle Effect, this year’s non-profit partner for the Beti Bike Bash, has been growing its mission of helping young girls and women discover confidence through two wheels.  Coach Jaime Brede was at the start and on-course for support and encouragement. Many of these courageous young ladies have little to no experience on a bike until they join Cycle Effect.  

Our wave, 40 to 49, was a chatty bunch, a lot of moms, some looking super pro and others who were viewing this race as a big happy group ride.  Because ages were identified on our calves like a scarlet letter, racers were easily picked out. There were welcome smiles, high-fives and fist-bumps to all that wandered over before the start.  Don’t let these ladies fool you, as soon as the race started, their competitive nature kicked in!  

Even as beginner racers, these ladies mean business.  The intensity increased with each curve and climb, but I was the only one who cursed (slipped out) and there were many polite requests to pass and patience waiting for those opportunities on the narrow single track of the course.

Along the course, a few ladies had pulled over to rest, take photos or get a quick drink of water.  Everyone was surprisingly courteous and encouraging when passing and quick to coach the younger girls…. likely, the best first-time racer environment EVER!

Team Yeti Beti and their supportive sponsors, Stan’s NOTUBES, Elevation Cycles, Yeti Cycles, Wahoo’s, Noosa Finest Yoghurt and Pivot Cycles, share the vision and made every effort to create an empowered, supportive and fun atmosphere for female racers of all abilities and experience.  Awesome Event!