It’s all about the Adventure … The Breck 100

(Photo by Mountain Moon Photography)

The Breckenridge 100 racers are extreme.  By definition, Extreme: of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average; exceeding the bounds of moderation.

ThaneThane Wright, Owner, Operator, and Producer of the Rocky Mountain Endurance series would agree,  “The popularity of mountain biking in general and the endurance segment of racing is on the rise.” says Wright.  “racers are looking for an experience that pushes their boundaries.”

It has been a journey of evolution for Wright. He found his passion back in college on a Specialized 1983 Stumpjumper.  “We started riding the local trails around Boulder.”

A couple of years later he started racing and found himself at the 1st UCI MTB World Championships in Durango in 1990.  “I was having a good run and was passing some “name” riders; then flatted on the last lap.  I was bummed.”

Passions don’t die easily. In 1994, After a local SMC race, Wright and some friends knocked back a few cold beers, had some laughs and the Arapahoe Warriors Cycling Club was born.  One could say the Breck 100 or formally known as the Breckenridge 100 Challenge had its early beginnings as a fundraiser in Keystone called the Snake River Mountain Challenge and ultimately became part of the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series.

The Breck 100 is one of the toughest one-day mountain bike races in Colorado. The course climbs an incredible 13,719 feet over 100 miles. Some say it’s a tougher course then the Leadville 100 mountain bike race.  The top racers will grunt their way to the finish in about 10 hours.  That’s a super long day in the saddle.

What keeps racers coming back for more? Wright believes “They want an adventure. This race is an experience that pushes riders to their limit.  It creates life long memories and they go home exhausted and say “WOW” that was amazing.”

If the Breck 100 seems a little out of your league, there is the B-68 Endurance Race and the B-32 XC; featuring the second and third loops of the Breck 100.

The B-68 course is a unique combination of mountainous terrains, incredible vistas and 9000 feet in elevation gain.
The B-32 races across the West Ridge section of the Colorado Trail,a fun local’s favorite with some good climbs and gripping downhills.

Space is available in all races.  Grab a couple of friends and register as a 3-person team.  There is still time to register online at .

On-site Registration is available:

  • The Breck 100 on Friday, July 11th from 4:00 – 7:00pm at Carter Park
  • B-68 and B-32 on RACE DAY, Saturday, July 12th from 7:00 – 9:00am at Carter Park.

The Breckenridge 100 Staging at Carter Park is at 5:45 am with the start at 6:00am.
The B-68 and B-32 Staging at Steven C Ice Arena starts at 9:15 am.

For more details check out Rocky Mountain Endurance Series – Breckenridge 100 Challenge.