7 Bike-Travel Essentials

by  Jen See

Good Read! I love to travel. I especially love to travel in the summer time and nobody travels more this season than pro racers. Bicycling.com asked 2012 US road cycling champion Megan Guarnier, a competitor at the 2014 Giro Rosa with team Boels-Dolmans, for her travel essentials of choice.

“Getting a sunburn saps your energy,” says Guarnier. When you need to put all your resources into muscle and mental recovery so you can ride another day, you don’t need the added stress of healing your skin.” (Here are some of Bicycling’s favorite sunscreens for cycling.)

“Putting your body through the wringer day after day can lead to unexpected aches and pains,” Guarnier says. “Physio tape helps stabilize or activate your muscles when you start to fatigue.” If you’re not familiar with the sticky stuff, read about KTTAPE.

“Hotels can be noisy and if you are sharing a room, you may not always be on the same schedule as your roommate,” says Guarnier. “Good sleep means better performances on the bike.”

Instant Oatmeal

“A nutritious breakfast is crucial before a long ride,” says Guarnier. “It’s important to have something that’s easy to digest and that you are willing to eat every morning.” Guarnier travels with Quaker instant oatmeal packets and adds hot water, fruit, yogurt and cinnamon from the hotel breakfast buffet. “It’s definitely not glamorous, but it is filling,” she says.

Osmo Pre-Load
If you’re riding hard or in the saddle all day like Guarnier, Osmo’s high-sodium Pre-Load can help you perform in the heat. For shorter, easier rides, here are some other good hydration-drink options.

Sound-Canceling Earphones

“Stage racing often requires driving long transfers between stages,” Guarnier says. “It can be tedious, but it’s also a great time to relax and recover. When you need to completely zone out, pop on your earphones and turn up some good music.” (Bonus: This will also help you tune out annoying bike-tour van mates or airplane snorers.)

A Good Read

“It’s a nice way to unwind your mind at the end of the day before you sleep. It can be hard to take your mind off the race. Open a book, and it’s easier to fall asleep without thinking of the coming days.” Guarnier is a fan of Laura Hillenbrand (author of Seabiscuit and Unbroken).

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