26th Annual Frisco Roundup

The first mountain bike race of the Summit Mountain Challenge series always has excitement & anticipation associated with it. At the group ride, generally the Monday prior, you’ll see humble references to new bikes, sparkly new helmets and freshly lubed chains.  The air is heavy with testosterone and Mtn. bikers who have been itchin to race since February.  This isn’t just specific to expert male racers … you can find the itch in under 10 boys, teenage girls, 50+ men and beginner women 19 and older. It’s almost everyone.

I say almost everyone because I try to shoehorn myself in to the beginner women’s category and i don’t feel itchy for a race … I am nervous and anxious most of the day prior to the start.  But when it starts … well, you can’t help but be engulfed by the chatty excitement of all the women around you.

As a mother of two girls, who do not mountain bike, I am impressed by the interest and intensity of the teenage girls & boys who embrace this sport and all that goes along with it. The sweat, bruises, adrenaline and dirt.  The Frisco Roundup is a great 1st race venue with the Frisco Adventure Park … which has a lot to offer with the new pump track and downhill track. Fun!